EMC Components

Why Laird? We set the standards for the electronic components industry, enabling and protecting smart systems from the start.

In a fast-paced world where people and systems are perpetually communicating, connected to multiple environments and systems, electromagnetic interference is an ever-present possibility.  Our engineers have spent decades perfecting our material qualities and design capabilities to make compatibility between your mission-critical systems clean, simple, and cost-effective.

Our products are lighter and smaller than our competitors, each surpassing the rigorous industry standards of geometric structure and performance capability.  Our ferrite core product line is comprised of a wide selection of materials that range from KHz to GHz, while our wireless charging products feature a minimum thickness of 0.8mm and our flexible ferrite sheets, an ultra-thin 0.05mm.  Laird’s state-of-the art products will keep your systems on-task at all times, helping you:

  • Inhibit interference at its source
  • Remove noise between coupling paths
  • Ensure proper component design and communication

We also have the first-ever SPICE model in the industry; a powerful, game-changing tool that has the capability of predicting with superior accuracy the real performance of a ferrite chip bead in operation, helping you predict product performance, solve problems quickly and cut overall design time and cost.

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