Ferrite Cable Cores

Simple Solutions for Noise Suppression

Unwanted noise can compromise your power and connection cables, leading to poor performance and malfunction over time.  Our versatile selection of ferrite cable cores resist this noise, creating impedance for problematic circuits.  They can easily be fitted as a countermeasure without taking up too much space and compromising your product design and can reduce the cost and amount of overall shielding required to confine EMI within a product's enclosure.

Benefits of Our Cable Cores

Constructed from ultra-thin mixtures of iron, nickel and zinc oxides, our ferrite cable cores are characterized by their size, light weight, low cost, and high reliability.  They provide superb EMI reduction while remaining open to normal circuit operation.  Other benefits include:

  • Multiple sizes, materials, and customization available
  • Three different materials to select from: Low frequency (LF), High frequency(HF), and Broadband
  • Lowest cost supplier of Ohms of impedance
  • Excellent differential and common mode EMI suppression on flat cable assemblies.  
  • Can be used as a transformer or inductor
  • Available in cylinder, ribbon, split flat, and clamp-on shape
  • AEC-Q200 Passed
  • Provides tight tolerance control and EMI suppression
  • Can help fix issues during the design stage


Find or Design Your Ferrite Cable Core

Using Laird-manufactured parts, our team of global experts and engineers create a custom design experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.  Explore our robust line of ferrite products or contact an engineer through customer service to discuss your next EMI solution. 





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