Ferrite Disks and Plates


Block EMI at its Source

Most consumer electronics run on flexible printed circuit boards that are designed to the exact specifications needed to meet their intended purpose.  Cell phones, computers, and microwaves couldn’t function without properly working PCBs.  In the case of EMI and active antennas disrupting the circuit board after the soldering process, our ferrite disks and plates provide a simple, cost-effective solution.  They can be utilized either as inductively coupled components or EMI shields on PCBs.  The inductive coupling occurs when the ferrite affects the conducted wave form leaving the active component.  The rise time of the wave form is effectively slowed by the ferrite, and the overshoot and associated ringing are attenuated.  On PCBs, they can be placed directly on the EMI source, absorbing the radiated emissions at its core.  This can help streamline your design and reduce overall material cost.  Simple solution, maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Our Ferrite Disks and Plates

Constructed from ultra-thin mixtures of iron, nickel and zinc oxides, our ferrites are characterized by their size, light weight, low cost, and high reliability.  They provide superb EMI reduction while remaining open to normal circuit operation.  Other benefits include:

  • Can be used to locate unwanted EMI antennas
  • Flat Flex & Ribbon cables
  • Each part for volume production is provided with permanent, double sided 3.5 mil acrylic adhesive with 218 oz. adhesion
  • Provides retrofit auxiliary EMI attenuation


Find or Design Your Ferrite Disk or Plate

Using Laird-manufactured parts, our team of global experts and engineers create a custom design experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.  Explore our robust line of ferrite products or contact an engineer through customer service to discuss your next EMI solution. 



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