Two-piece board level shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without having to risk board damage by removing the entire shield. Covers snap on and off with ease, making repairs quicker and easier, and reducing board re-work. Two-piece shields are available pre-assembled or unassembled. Large locking dimples snap into slots on covers to provide mechanical retention force. Smaller grounding dimples provide electrical grounding for proper shielding and to prevent rattle. Two-piece shields survive drop, shock and no-rattle tests. Here are critical test results: • Able to withstand acceleration of 4g from 10 Hz to 2000 Hz for three hours in each of three planes as per SAE J1455 • Pass EN 50 155 for railway electrical equipment including vibration test of 30g from 5 Hz to 200 Hz in 3 directions and a shock test with 500 m/s for 11/ms • Pass standard telecommunications drop tests [6 faces, dropped 1 meter onto concrete floor]