Conductive Elastomers

Block EMI – In Any Weather, Anytime.

Sometimes, the standard silicone gasket just won’t do. Differing weather conditions, operating temperatures, levels of chemical exposure, corrosion, and environmental fluctuations call for gaskets that are designed to shield electromagnetic interference in environmental-specific settings. Our electrically conductive elastomers provide environmental sealing, excellent mechanical functionality, and electromagnetic shielding so your enclosures receive the best protection possible with optimal electrical performance.

How Laird Elastomers Secure Your EMI Shields

Your closure problem usually starts like this: you’ve constructed an effective shielding system using a metal housing and lid. But when you combine the flat surfaces of both units, you notice a slight opening. Suddenly, gas, liquid, or high frequency electromagnetic energy have an easy-access path to your shielding system, which can worsen under high pressure and corrosion. Thankfully, our resilient, conductive elastomers can seal this opening by conforming to surface irregularities in your shield’s enclosure. We offer versatile forms of elastomers such as:

  • Diverse filler particles within our line of ElectroSeal gaskets
  • Wire in solid and sponge elastomers, impregnated wire mesh, and expanded metals within our line of ElectroMet gaskets

These gaskets are available in:

  • Flat or die cuts
  • Molded shapes such as O-rings or intricate parts
  • Extruded profiles or strips
  • Vulcanized-to-metal covers or flanges
  • Co-molded or reinforced seals
  • Form-in-place gaskets


Find or Design Your Conductive Elastomer

By combining the right form and type of elastomer, you can build an ideal sealing solution that blocks electromagnetic waves while providing sufficient conductivity across your shield’s enclosure, gasket, and lid junction. Browse our catalog of elastomers or contact an engineer through our customer service department to design a conductive gasket that’s right for you.


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