Conductive Tape & Adhesives

Conductive Fabrics, Tapes & Adhesives

Protecting your devices from electromagnetic interference can be a challenge, especially if you’re shielding electronics in high dynamic flex conditions. Certain applications such as cables on a laptop or flexible printed circuits in the smallest devices require protection that is flexible and conductive yet durable enough to great shielding and grounding. Need to cover small gaps in your metal enclosure, small EMI shield or large surfaces in a laboratory, medical room or even in the home? No matter the size or complexity of your EMI application, our conductive fabrics, conductive tapes and adhesives could be your perfect solution.

Our tapes are constructed from nickel/copper metalized fabric with a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), which provides exceptional shielding, grounding, and flexibility. We offer standard roll widths ranging from 0.394 inches (10mm) to 3.937 inches (100mm) while master rolls are available in sizes up to 1.0 meter widths and 20 meter lengths. And unlike many conductive tapes on the market, our unique materials feature:

  • A thinner design that doesn’t compromise flexibility or peel strength.
  • High conductivity and shielding effectiveness.
  • Instant, superb adhesion with in house customization.
  • Safer handling without sharp edges and tearing from metal foil tapes.

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Browse our standard line of tapes below or contact an engineer through our customer service department to request adhesives that fit your application’s properties.

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