These versatile gaskets are made from high-performance beryllium copper with Sticky Fingers® self-adhesive backing. They provide an extremely tight, instant bond and are ideal as an all-purpose contact strip for metal cabinets and electronic enclosures, particularly where space is critical. Magnetic field shielding effectiveness of these strips has been proven to be > 46 dB for a 14 kHz plane wave and 108 dB for a 10 GHz plane wave. When tested per MIL-STD-285 for electromagnetic shielding, these strips showed superior performance under minimum compression. They proved to be especially effective where variations exist in the space to be shielded and in applications that require high shielding performance despite frequent opening and closing of the cabinet. Strips 97-500 and 97-538 are furnished in standard lengths of 24.000 in. (609.600 mm) and in continuous 25.0 ft. (7.6 m) coils. Series 97-520 and 97-540 are supplied in standard 16.000 in. (406.400 mm) lengths and in 25.0 ft. (7.6 m) coils. Strips 97-537, 97-535 and 97-545 are supplied in 12.000 in. (304.800 mm) lengths. All are available in your choice of finishes. Please note that designated strips are available with Magnefil®, a rubber strip filled with magnetic absorbing particles and inserted within the curve of the fingers. Magnefil provides increased magnetic field shielding. These 97-Series products are also available in UltraSoft® low compression force 98-Series.