This version of Sticky Fingers® beryllium copper shielding gaskets features a special U-shaped end that permits the finger of the strip to slide when enclosure doors are closed. It also retains the strip’s fingers when enclosure doors are open, thus preventing accidental damage to the fingers. Shielding effectiveness is >115 dB for a 100 MHz plane wave. Four models provide you a choice of widths to suit your application. They are available in standard 16.000 in. (406.400 mm) lengths, except 97-515 which is furnished in 24.000 in. (609.600 mm) lengths. Also, all styles are available in continuous 25.0 ft. (7.6 m) coils, andyour choice of all finishes except tin lead and satin tin. These 97-Series products are also available in UltraSoft® low compression force 98-Series. All dimensions shown are in inches (millimeters) unless otherwise specified.