WITH STICKY FINGERS  Series 97-951/954/957 are low compression, adhesive-mounted beryllium copper shielding strips. Designed as a continuous band, the strip is slotted to permit spring contact throughout its length.A wide radius profile creates the greatest contact for maximum conductivity with minimum compression requirements. As with all Sticky Fingers shielding strips, a self-adhesive tape makes mounting easy and secure. All are available in your choice of finishes. WITH BI-DIRECTIONAL RIVET MOUNT  Series 97-952/955/958 are as described above, but with the addition of an integral pierced brass track to provide plastic push rivet mounting in a 0.125 in. (3.175 mm) diameter hole. Designed especially for slide applications, this configuration allows total symmetrical compression action with bi-directional engagement. It is recommended for high temperature and/or extremely high side load situations, such as PC board connections and electronic drawers. All are available in your choice of finishes. Both are available in UltraSoft® low compression force 98-Series.