Adhesive-mounted beryllium copper contact strips with scientific twist design offer narrow electronic gaskets for general shielding applications.Different widths are available to suit your specific application for single edge contact strips. Also available are two 90 degree versions (Series 97-551 and 97-558) to provide alternate mounting capability. Series 97-555, 97-558 and 97-559 provide shielding effectiveness > 100 dB for a 100 MHz plane wave, ideal for all types of panel or electronic enclosures. Series 97-550, 97-551 and 97-560 provide shielding effectiveness > 115 dB for a 100 MHz plane wave. Series 97-560 strips are especially suitable for cabinets with panel divider bars. Their unique double-edge design permits panels to be removed easily and replaced without damage to the installed strip. All Twist Series strips are furnished in 24.000 in. (609.600 mm) lengths. Strips (except 97-551 and 97-558) are also available in standard 25.0 ft. (7.6 m) coils. Right angle product configurations are not available in coils. All are available in your choice of finishes. COMBINATION ENVIRONMENTAL RUBBER GASKETSeries 97-556 and 97-561 are versions of 97-555 and 97-560, respectively, incorporating a Poron® rubber gasket to act as an environmental shield, offering a high degree of protection against dust and moisture. All are available in your choice of finishes. These 97-Series products are also available in UltraSoft® low compression force 98-Series.