Laird introduces Variable Slot Mount shielding,which eliminates the use of long slots while still utilizing the easy installation method of slot mount shielding. Fingers are removed from the strip in areas where a mounting slot is not present. The Variable Slot Mount shielding strips can be customized to any patterned series of slots.• Easy and cost-effective installation since fasteners and adhesivesare not required• Improved shielding effectiveness compared to traditional slot mount series through elimination of long slots in host material• Slot mounting feature can be varied to accommodate different lengths and hole mounting patterns• Three and five pitch segments ideal for grounding applications• Bi-directional wiping and compression action to accommodate a wide variety of designs• Available in standard (77-Series) and UltraSoft® (78-Series low compression versions)• Ability to retrofit equipment when higher clock speeds limit current slot mount product without changing slot size or location• One piece construction eliminates handling individual pieces, thereby shortening installation time• Ideal for grounding and shielding in the following electronic enclosure applications:– Front panel handles – Chassis covers – Backplanes– Plug-in units – Subrack assemblies