Engineered metal Fingerstock solutions from Laird dates from 1938. Laird specializes in designing miniature parts of thin strip metal in quantities ranging from thousands of pieces to millions of pieces. With over 3,400 standard parts, Laird probably already has an off-the-shelf solution that meets your application’s requirements.

When custom designs are needed, Laird engineering staff helps construct efficiencies in performance, cost and manufacturability from the very beginning stages of the application.

Laird specialized capabilities:

  • • Assembly
  • • Heat staking (both hand and automatic)
  • • Heat treating
  • • In-house die and fixture manufacturing
  • • Multislide equipment
  • • Photoetching
  • • Plating
  • • Progressive die stamping
  • • Prototype fabrication
  • • Resistance welding
  • • Riveting
  • • Secondary fabrication
  • • Wire EDM


Laird's standard precision electronic contacts ground, carry current and signals, and interconnect boards and devices. A wide variety of plating options allow for the maximum electrical current carrying performance. An array of designs in a standard format are ready for production. Installed costs are lower with our tape and reel.

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