Laird Technologies offers the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Type B connector gasket. The unique design easily snaps onto the connector prior to placement on the printed circuit board and fits all Series B USB right angle connector brands. Made from high performance beryllium copper, these gaskets provide superior grounding characteristics and enhances the shielding of the connector due to the short electrical path to the ground plane provided when the gasket makes contact with the connector.• Gasket easily snaps onto the connector for a secure fit• Connector/gasket assembly can be placed onto the board via pick-and-place• High clip force attaches clip to connector body for good electrical contact and secure transport prior to soldering• Once the shielded connector assembly is soldered to the PCB, the shield is captivated between board and connector and provides reliable contact between the connector and faceplate• Simple compact design fits within 0.625 in. X 0.625 in. (15.875 mm X 15.875 mm) windows• Available in a variety of plated finishes