Maximum Protection. Reliable Filtration.

Air particles can infiltrate even the best EMI applications. But with the right components, we can help you keep your designs protected and dust-free. Laird’s Electro-Air EMI/Dust Filtration, MaxAir and Electrovent panels provide effective shielding while capturing airborne contaminants, so you can enjoy quality protection with minimal interference.

If you’re looking for a proven air filtration and EMI shielding solution, we’ve got you covered. Our vent panels consist of layered, woven and crimped wire mesh combined with filtering media to help capture nature’s elements without disrupting ventilation and airflow to your applications. Each panel features EMI gaskets designed to prevent signal migration to sensitive electronic equipment.

Our Vent Panels Provide

  • Protection for universal applications—they can be used for small enclosures, large housings, high traffic areas and room-size facilities
  • An extensive service life that’s built to outlast the equipment it protects
  • A variety of design specifications—module construction is available in assorted standard sizes from 3 to 18 sq. in (19,35 to 111,13 sq. cm)
  • Easy installation through pre-drilled holes or captive fasteners that allow for quick mounting and removal
  • Design assistance—Laird’s engineering department will provide technical assistance and testing data to help you solve the toughest application challenges


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