Why Laird?  We offer extremely low resistance over a wide range of frequencies.

Inductors, also called coils or reactors, are passive electrical components which resist the changes in electrical current that pass through them.  Core materials, types of windings, and geometry play a critical role in an inductor’s overall performance and any subpar characteristic will cause both high resistance and poor efficiency.  Our inductors are designed to provide very low AC and DC resistance for a wide variety of products like power supplies, LED drives, amplifiers and more.

Composed of unique formulas of nickel zinc and manganese ferrite material, powder iron, and metal alloy, our inductors are smaller, lighter, and stronger than our competitors’.  Each line surpasses the rigorous industry standards of structure and performance.  Our offerings include:  ferrite chips, automotive, power, and molded inductors – each designed to perform and maximize power efficiency.  Other benefits include:

  • Fully automatic manufacturing
  • High reliability AEC-Q200
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Flat wire winding


Take a look at our catalogue for more details and specifications.


Explore Solutions

  • Molded Inductors

    MCD1010 series space-saving dual inductors deliver a superior solution set

  • Ferrite Chip Inductors

    Maximize power efficiency with two-terminal inductors protecting cables and cords from EMI

  • Automotive Inductors

    Composed of unique formulas of nickel zinc and manganese ferrite material,

  • Power Inductors

    Effectively suppress EMI noise with our monolitic, low profile, extremely low signal loss inductors