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Protection for Protectors

Complex, highly-sensitive military electronics must perform flawlessly in extreme environments across land, air and sea. In rugged situations, vibration, heat and electromagnetic interference constantly shock applications.

You need answers early when designing military and aerospace systems.

Laird can provide them.

Tanks in the desert


Military applications demand superior performance under the most demanding conditions. On the ground, at sea or in the air, Laird is the preferred supplier for EMI shielding and custom absorbers for military applications from fast jets to mighty fleets, having built a reputation for quality, reliability and performance that is second to none. We lead the way, from design and prototyping to final production and delivery.


For modern aircraft, survivability is the #1 goal. Reducing antenna interference problems and controlling electromagnetic emissions with conductive seals improve survivability of aircraft.

  • Conductive gaskets for canopy and door seal applications reduce electromagnetic interference
  • Radome treatments with fire retardant broadband foam and encapsulated textile cover reduce dangers from fire
  • Fuselage treatments with high temperature and fuel resistant magnetic radar absorbing material (MAGRAM) reduce reflections that degrade antenna performance
  • Honeycomb absorbers for spiral and other antenna applications minimize performance degradation
F-35 fighter jet


Modern warships have a number of emitters and receivers located on a large reflecting structure. Controlling reflections, antenna-to-antenna interference and emissions are major priorities during naval operations.

  • Conductive gaskets around hatchways, doors and windows deliver both environmental sealing and EMI shielding
  • Broadband structural foam antenna isolation disks minimize interference between antenna systems
  • Corrosion resistant magnetic radar absorbing material reduce EMI and antenna reflection
  • Conductive composite barriers reflect stray energy but not cause intermodulation interference
USS Arleigh Burke


Military electronics face the same issues as general electronics with a greater emphasis on the ability to survive harsh environments.

  • Microwave absorbers reduce internal high frequency EMI
  • Conductive Gaskets eliminate EMI emissions and are manufactured to survive the military environment
  • Active and passive thermal materials and devices control buildup of heat in electronic assemblies
  • Ruggedized vehicle-mounted GPS and infrastructure antenna systems offer dependable communications for reliable remote asset tracking of personnel and mission-critical resources
  • Wireless machine-to-machine communications enhance the reliability, management and safety of complex systems in the battlefield 

Laird manufactures products to support the many special requirements in military applications.

R&F Products

R&F Products, a Laird business, is the military-focused business unit for Laird. Contact R&F Products.

Design Your Best Defense

We fuse board-level shields with thermal components
to create top-performing multi-functional products such as:

Treated Honeycomb Core Absorbers 

Treated honeycomb core absorbers that minimize antenna performance degradation and effects of signal reflection.

Honeycomb core absorbers

Head Reducing Thermal Gap Fillers

Heat reducing thermal gap fillers used in infrared photography aboard the space shuttle

Thermal gap fillers

Low Loss Dielectrics for EMI Reduction

Low loss dielectrics for EMI reduction inside radomes, a dome or protective structure that shields highly sensitive radar systems from unwanted technical interferences. 

Microwave Absorbers

Flexible Microwave Absorbing Foam

Flexible microwave absorbing foam for conflicting absorption in radomes. 

Microwave absorbing foam

RFSS Screen Absorbers

RFSS screen absorbers: a weight-saving EMI reduction composite material for in-flight aviation instrumentation.

Screen absorbers.
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