Power Generators


Repurposed energy.  Reduced costs.

Power plants, automobiles, and other electrical devices create waste energy and heat that enters the atmosphere, causing harmful waste.  Our thermoelectric generators are engineered to harness that energy and convert it into efficient power sources that can streamline plant operations, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce any overall technical operational cost in automotive, aerospace, industrial medical, and wireless networks.  Designed for autonomous, low power applications, our power generators are well-suited for inaccessible locations and spaces, do not require maintenance, and perform 24/7 under all conditions.

Benefits of Our Power Generators

Constructed from a thin film that offers a high-powered and robust mechanical capability, our power generators are characterized by their small size, ease of integration into common sources of energy, and impressive power output.  Other benefits include:

  • Compact size
  • Ideal for powering wireless sensors
  • Can be combined with other generators to create an end-to-end solution
  • Maximum conversion to usable DC power
  • Regulates voltage

Find or Design Your Power Generator

Using Laird-manufactured parts, our team of global experts and engineers create a custom design experience that is unrivaled by our competitors.  Explore our robust line of products or contact an engineer through customer service to discuss your next solution. 



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