RF/Microwave Absorbers & Dielectrics

Why Laird?  We are equipped with the technical know-how, software, and modeling capabilities to solve complex project issues.

As a leader in the design and development of absorber technology materials, we understand that while material quality and design is important, being able to adequately solve and perfect challenges that arise during the design phase is key to a successful consumer experience.  Our engineers thrive on innovation and welcome any request that comes their way.  This is what separates us from our competitors – expert knowledge and a high quality product.

We have a full line of microwave absorber products for free space and cavity resonance applications, low loss dielectric filled polymers, custom molded elastomeric and reticulated foam, along with textile and custom composite products.  Other features include:

  • Testing and verification capabilities
  • Electromagnetic modeling and product design
  • Full custom formulation
  • Targets a wide variety of frequency bands
  • Integrated board level shielding / absorption solutions
  • Hybrid thermal management and EMI control options

Complete your project with the materials necessary for endurance and the expertise for long-term success.  Take a look at our catalogue for more details and specifications.


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